Reading Responses

-To the J.R. Carpenter A Handmade Web-

The meaning of “Handmade web” is pretty obvious, but also involve personal feelings. Meanwhile, the quote from A Vernacular Web let the term, “handmade web”, become clearly and easy to understand. The websites let readers to think, and it is the same as reading books. It is a surprise to know that “the handmade web emerged at a time when print and digital enjoyed a more symbiotic relationship”. However, website all depends on how the owners want to code the website. For whatever reason, social web is keep upgrading and changing.

-To Callum Copley, New Document 1-

When I tried to read this website, made me feel like drowning into all different information. The internet try to show little bit everything everytime. It’s like so many distractions, no matter the sounds, or the things popup. It is sort of neat, the color, the layout. In the same time, also created some pressure for me.

-To The Good Room-

I never been to NYPL, but after reading the things about it, NYPL is on my go-to list. Also it is great to read more background about NYC’s Penn Station. I watched a show, My Next Guest, and Lizzo said that “we(human) are before technology” in the newest episode. Which is true, and we are kind of controlling by technology. Meanwhile, like the article said, we give lots of pressure to ourselves and technology in the same time. We want the design of technology is not only look good and feel good, and must also be good. it makes me thinking about what we did in the past decades and how we gonna fix the way technology fits. Commerce can fail us, becuase human have different desires and agreements. Thus, how to make a chose become more important.